Shake it off - outfits

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okay, so i LOVED shake it off and all (and i REALLY mean LOVE LOVE LOVE to death) but i do still hope for 1989 songs with deep meaning and amazing taylor-like lyrics ! but as we know taylor there probably will be which makes me super excited and HOW AM  I SUPPOSED TO WAIT TILL OCtoBEr I CAn’T 

Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.
Cecelia Ahern, Love, Rosie  (via disbar)

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I know I did this a few days ago, but since the new announcement I have noticed A LOT of new blogs popping up all around the place.

reblog this post, and i will check out your blog and likely follow! please be following me [here] though :)

your blog must be at least 50% taylor!

Oh, Taylor

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74,288 plays Lead Single Medley Taylor Swift Mashups


Taylor offers us a surprisingly smooth transition from 100% country to 100% pop through her five album lead singles. 

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